Motorized Curtains: Add Some Elegance to the Bedroom


Customer feedback:

I have roller blinds on my french doors but wanted to add some elegance to the bedroom with the curtains. The ordering process and customer service are excellent. At first, the curtains in some parts seemed to hang lower. They told me the clips on the top of the curtains were adjustable...genius! I love the look and drape of the curtains. Having them motorized is great because I can turn them on and off in bed. I wish the motor was rechargeable and not always have to be plugged there is a wire hanging from my socket. Luckily, I have a chest of drawers that I can hide in the back. The remote for the curtains is supposed to be the remote for the roller blinds, but it does the job. I do have some issues with the drapery, it's way too short. It's been remade and, unfortunately, is still a few inches shorter. Incredibly fast and attentive customer service, we are very happy with the quality! All questions and technical support needs are quickly answered and resolved. Will order more for our house.


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