Great Digital lock with handle


Customer feedback:

I have purchased several other smart locks, but they always fail and I have to keep buying new ones. This smart lock set looks great, very cool disappearing numbers, easy to set up when it comes to fingerprints, I even programmed my mother's fingerprints. It has 6 ways to open the lock, through the app on my phone (I tap the button and unlock it), with my fingerprint, or with the key, I can also open it anytime by sending a signal from my phone, when I see Come on, it's a revolution in convenience. No more keys, and no more changing the code on the lock itself - I change it through the app or set a timed code. Oh, and the installation and app setup are super easy. Once I got the app and spent 2-3 minutes familiarizing myself, I got it working. Right now I'm just exploring all the options. Even changing the battery is easy. On my other smart locks, changing the battery is a pain because it's mixed in with the wires and locking mechanism. On this smart lock, the battery is in a separate compartment with no wires and takes about 30 seconds to use. I will definitely order more.

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