Electric blinds can be a stylish focal point


Silent Gliss' beautiful "Vertical Wave" shutters are an enhancement to their laser cut vertical shutter system. Now has a stunning 3D look with added stunning lighting effects. Vertical Waves can be used as blinds or room dividers, either way they will catch anyone's eye.

This window solution is particularly suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows, but with its unique design, high-quality materials and range of colors, the options are endless. 3D Vertical Wave What's so special about the new "Vertical Wave" product?

Silent Gliss introduced Vertical Wave blinds in 2014, and they wanted to make Vertical Blinds fun again. They are a series of laser-cut vertical louvres that have been adapted to suit modern architecture, and they create a striking interior environment with unusual lighting and acoustics. Eva Marmbrandt is a Swedish textile designer who created 3 unique designs with a Louvre concept for this product.

"My goal is to consolidate and develop the importance of textiles in the public environment. For the past few years, I have been focusing on developing new materials and new forms in the field of vertical blinds, using the advantages the system offers designers Unique advantage." - Eva Marbrand
Another designer came to Silent Gliss last year with the idea of ​​3D printing, and they combined both design philosophies and came up with a pretty amazing result! What is the process of printing and making 3D Vertical Waves this product?

After creating the model from the given palette. A few shutters were then approved and printed to ensure the color transferred to the fabric according to the model.

The entire width of the fabric was then digitally 3D printed, and the shutters were cut on a flat sheet using a laser cutter. The fabrics used have been carefully researched and tested to be highly heat resistant, to avoid burning during laser cutting, and to absorb ink during digital printing. A fabric that could handle both processes without degrading was certainly a challenge.


The article is reproduced:https://www.designinsiderlive.com/who-knew-vertical-blinds-can-be-an-eye-catching-focal-point/

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