Venetian curtains, giving the space a literary atmosphere


Venetian blinds are popular for their aesthetic appearance and practical functionality, and this light-toned house paired with wood-colored venetian blinds evokes understated elegance with a minimalist interior.

The simple living room layout is matched with a chic linear sofa to enhance the overall style of the space. The black wooden cabinets are placed with decorative crafts and books, giving the space a literary atmosphere. Built-in light bars run across the ceiling plane, distributing even lighting throughout the hall.

Venetian blinds provide sufficient natural light in the interior. Light tones make the space a peaceful atmosphere and allow residents to have a good dining experience.

The modern dining room pendant lights hang from the wooden grille ceiling, and the ventilation of the venetian blinds keeps the indoor air fresh and plants come alive.

Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunlight into the dining room, bringing warmth and peace to the interior, while minimalist-designed stools bring a dark grey tone to the white tabletop and stainless steel dining counter.

A frameless vanity mirror makes the bathroom appear spacious and light, a stylish bench and suspended vanity bring a minimalist modern feel to the space, and mirrored glass and stone cladding create a balance of colour.

Venetian blinds effectively block the outside line of sight to protect privacy, the wall-mounted toilet is hidden behind the frosted glass wall in the bathroom, and the unique bathtub introduces golden wood into the space, reflecting the moderate design characteristics.

The master bedroom's grey upholstered bed complements the sleek wooden deck in tasteful tones, the unique bedroom console table offers a stylish arched pattern, and the quiet sunlight makes time seem to stand still for a moment.

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