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In this article, we'll take a look at the best smart plugs for Alexa and how to get the most out of a smart plug that works with Alexa.

When you use your smart plugs with Alexa, you can use your voice to control the smart plugs and the devices connected to them. You can then use a voice command like "Alexa, turn on my lights" to turn on the lights using your voice. This requires a compatible Alexa device (like an Echo Show or Echo Dot) and a smart plug that works with Alexa.

You can add smart controls to almost any device that plugs into a standard outlet. You can use the smart plug to control lamps, lighting, fans and even a coffee maker. Add a smart plug that works with Alexa to add smart home control and voice automation to your smart home with one simple upgrade.

What is a smart plug?
Smart plugs allow you to control devices plugged into the wall via a wifi remote plug, which you can control by voice or phone. All you need to do is plug in your new smart plug, set it up on the app and plug in the device you want to control, and you can start controlling the smart plug from your phone. You can use the Smart Plug to control almost any device that plugs into a regular outlet.

Control your smart plug from your smartphone, you can turn your smart plug on and off from your phone. With some smart plugs, you can even dim and change brightness settings while connected to compatible bulbs and bulbs that allow dimming.

After setting up the smart plug through the manufacturer app, you connect the smart plug to Alexa to enable Alexa smart home voice control.

What can you do with a smart plug that works with Alexa?
With the standard smart plug configuration, you can control the smart plug from your smartphone. Connecting your smart plugs to Alexa opens up a whole new world of smart home and smart plug control, as it allows you to use Alexa's voice commands to control your smart plugs and the devices connected to them.

You can control your smart plug using Alexa commands in the following ways:

"Alexa, turn off the lights..."

"Alexa, turn on the fan."

"Alexa, turn on the toaster."

"Alexa, turn on the coffee."

"Alexa, turn on the lights."

Adding Alexa voice control to your home is a true luxury that will take your smart home to the next level. I've lived with smart plugs and smart home Alexa controls for almost 4 years, and there's nothing like lying in bed at the end of a long day and telling your house to turn off the lights with a smart plug that works with Alexa.

To control your Smart Plug with Alexa, all you need is a smartphone with the Alexa app installed, a Smart Plug, and a compatible Alexa device such as an Echo Show or Echo Dot.

I use the fan at night to block out loud city noise, and I hooked up an Alexa-compatible smart plug so that if I want to turn the fan on at night, I can do it while I'm in bed. It's great to be able to quickly turn on and off the devices I use every day with my voice, while I'm in bed or walking around my house.

Another neat feature in the morning is to lie in bed and have Alexa turn on the "coffee maker" so I can have a fresh pot of coffee ready before I get up.


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