If you think something is missing in your life, it may be an automatic curtain.



Whenever we want to close or open the curtains, we have to sit on the rocking chair/recliner sofa (this is always dangerous) I decided to bite the bullet and invest in this smart curtain track system because I have a lot of smart automation gadgets elsewhere , It gave me some excuses for retail therapy.

I put everything on the floor of the lounge. The instructions are in a booklet with good explanations. I also found various videos on the Internet, which are very helpful. You need to take your time, otherwise it will be frustrating.
"Alexa, open the curtains"
I am very touched. The wife was very moved. When I uploaded the video, all my FB friends were very impressed. The dog was confused.
Since then, I upgraded the curtains from Dunelm to some heavy chenilles, from floor to ceiling, and even added lead blocks to make them hang well. This track has achieved this goal in strides.
I have to say that on a few occasions I found it very good to seek support. I hope all technical support is the same fast.
Because I installed it 4 months ago, I had to adjust the belt once. I think this is acceptable because the belt will stretch slightly over time. This may also be because my curtains are very thick. Press support also helped me solve this problem...on Sunday.
very good.
Will use the company's products again without hesitation. Highest score.
If you think something is missing in your life, it may be an automatic curtain.

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