Highly recommend roller blind motor


I have seven (7) dual roller shades on some very big windows (105in x 80in as well as 78in x 80in) for a total of fourteen (14) motors.

I went back and forth with the sellers over a dozen times figuring out all the different options and requirements. They were amazingly patient with me and extremely responsive/helpful!! I can't say enough good things about the sellers. If you're unsure what to buy, they will help you figure it out!

In the end, I installed six (6) 1.5 inch motors, eight (8) 1.25 inch motors, fourteen (14) solar panels, a 15-channel remote and the 6-channel remote with timer.

I opted to mount the solar panels vertically because I had to run two for each window. I ended up putting a motor/solar panel on each side of the window versus trying to stack them on the same side.

The 15-channel remote controls every shade individually and the last channel controls them all.

I set the 6-channel timer remote to control window pairs with Blackout Shades and Light Filtering Shades paired up. The timers are also set to follow the sun around the room and drop all shades at the end of the day.

Very pleased with the functionality and automation these have brought to our sunroom! It's so nice getting rid of the beaded chains all over the walls.

To sum it all up ... Great buy and highly recommended!

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