Five Benefits of Shangri-La Blinds

Just having a beautiful name is useless. Shangri-La blinds combine the advantages of window screens, venetian blinds and roller blinds. Impeccable, both externally and internally. Below, we will introduce the basic characteristics of Shangri-La blinds in detail.

1. Dimming, perspective

Due to the two layers of thin-as-cicada-like window screens on the facade, Shangri-La curtains allow people to have an unobstructed view of the scenery outside the window when they are open. The curtains in the middle can be adjusted to different angles, allowing light to shine in at different angles.

2. High degree of freedom

The manual Shangri-La curtain adopts the bead-pulling control method. Although it is not as convenient as the electric control, the bead-pulling can change the middle curtain into any angle according to individual needs, making the practical use of the Shangri-La curtain to the extreme.

3. Waterproof and mildew proof

The surface is treated with high temperature and high pressure, so the surface layer has a certain degree of hydrophobicity, which expands the use range of Shangri-La curtains, and can be used without pressure even in wet environments.

4. Control heat radiation

Depending on the fabric of the curtain, the shading effect will also be different, but no matter what kind of fabric, its heat insulation and radiation protection performance is excellent, and it can also effectively prevent indoor heat loss, reduce the use of air conditioners, and save energy.

5. Easy to clean

The surface of the curtain fabric is treated with high temperature and high pressure anti-static, so the surface is not easy to accumulate dust or deform; the cleaning and maintenance are simple and convenient.

It is precisely because of these characteristics of Shangri-La curtains that it can be truly applied to all kinds of families, and it can prove everything with its strength.


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