Electric roller shutter style selection


The electric roller blind is a widely used classic sunshade product. It drives the entire fabric to move up and down through the rolling up of the motor roller tube, so as to block the light, and the operation is simple and fast.

There are many kinds of electric roller blind fabrics, and suitable fabrics can be selected according to different places and needs. Widely used in home, office and commercial places.

Electric roller blinds can not only make the indoor space shine, but also have very rich and practical functions, which can meet different application needs...
Let's take you to subvert the traditional impression of roller blinds and see which styles of electric roller blinds are suitable for you!

1. Electric invisible roller blinds
In the white and bright space, the roller blinds occupy most of the space. Every part of the space is carefully designed, from the interior matching to the floor and furniture, so that the office space has a sense of spaciousness, making the people in it feel spacious. It can not only relax at work, but also relax and enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Invisible roller blinds are suitable for home, office, clubs and other places, and implement convenience and minimalism to the end.

2. Electric light-transmitting roller blinds

Through the weaving of fabrics with different light transmittances, scattered geometric figures are formed, and the sunlight penetrates to naturally form the best decoration, making the exterior and interior of the building an interesting and beautiful scenery.

3. Electric double-layer roller blinds

Usually composed of blackout fabrics and upholstery fabrics, it guarantees maximum visual comfort at any time of the day.

There are various combinations of double-layer roller blinds, which can be front curtain and rear curtain, or front curtain and rear curtain.
Different fabric choices and combinations can create a variety of styles.
Light can be easily manipulated to create an atmosphere of privacy or total darkness, depending on the needs.

4. Electric outdoor roller blinds

Made of sturdy weatherproof material, the fabric can be rolled into a box that is both a curtain rod and an ornament. It can be used as an important part of the building facade, which is windproof and rainproof, and has a very strong shading and energy saving effect.


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