I like to open and close curtains automatically at designated times of day


I love being able to set the curtains (in the app) to automatically open and close every day. There's also the cool factor.

I have a big advantage in assembly because I'm already familiar with the installation. Links to very helpful assembly and installation videos are provided on the instruction manual and on the Amazon product page. I've never read any written instructions - based on other reviews I know these videos would be most helpful.

I have no problem connecting the motor and using the remote. It runs very smoothly. good results.

Use the mobile phone to operate the electric lever, you can use Tuya Smart APP or Smart Life APP. They seem to be the same in all respects. I prefer the Smart Life app because I have other smart devices installed on the app. Either one is easy to operate. The app includes a very handy timer function. You can set a seemingly infinite time of day (any day of the week) to adjust the shades to close by any percentage you want. Oddly, to set the timer to automatically *open* the shades, the setting in the app is to set the shades to 0%. The only way that makes sense to me is to think of the % as the number of curtains *closed*. So 0% means they are 0% closed (which means they are always open). They can be set to turn on/off at any percentage from 0 to 100.

I can also use the app to adjust the curtains when I'm not home.

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