5 Benefits of Installing Automated Curtains In Your Home


The age of truly smart homes is here. Efficiency, convenience, and comfort are the three pillars on which any smart technology stands. If you wish to live in such a home, one of the first things you will need to invest in is a motorised curtain system.

Explore the five benefits of installing automated curtains in your home, and understand why it is such a ‘smart’ investment:

1.Save Energy:
The automation allows you to schedule when your automated curtains open and close. You can sync it with other smart technology in your house, such as the thermostat. The next time the thermostat which is integrated into the smart home system senses a rise in temperature, instead of switching on the air conditioner, the smart home technology will close the blinds or curtains. This will save energy costs incurred with excessive usage of electricity.
Remember all the times when you forgot to draw the curtains close even after being told to do so multiple times? Well, that problem gets solved when you have smart curtains in your house. Even if you remember to close them but have already stepped out of the house, you can choose to close them remotely using an app! Furthermore, you can easily program them to open or close at specific times of the day or sync it with the heat sensors in the house. This will enable them to open automatically when the temperature in the house goes down or close when the temperature goes above a certain predetermined degree. You can even use the automatic curtain opener to get the view outside while lazing around on your bed without getting up.
This is where smart technology also reassures you. You can sync your smart curtains with the smoke sensors or other safety systems in the house, which results in the curtains or blinds opening automatically when the smoke alarm goes off. This allows the smoke to leave the room and also for emergency service providers to look into the house for rescue assessment.
4.Security From Burglary:
Robbers often conduct a recon of their targeted house. They note when the house is occupied and when nobody’s at home. You can maintain the illusion that someone is always home by remotely controlling the curtains to open and close at random hours in the day, giving anyone who is observing the house the impression that someone in the house is doing so. Since breaking into an occupied house is riskier, the potential robber will avoid your house and thus, ensure your home’s security.
5.Healthier Lighting:
You can pre-program the curtains to open at certain times of the day, such as sunrise or for a set time when you come home from work. Once you sync it with the smart lighting in the house, you can program the lights to switch off and the curtains to open at the pre-programmed timings. This will allow more natural light into the house and lessen the unnatural glare of the tube lights that you would have otherwise endured. Ask a Eurovigil expert on how you can customise and integrate the existing smart technology with your curtains, and they will surely help you out in creative ways.
Make your life better, healthier, and safer by investing in a smarter automatic curtain system.

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