Excellent smart switch, I like it very much!


Fast delivery. Easily connect to 1gang. The neutral line is carried to slot N, the load is to L, and the other lines are to L3. Very suitable for a standard row of toggle switch openings. Connect it, tuck the wires in, tuck the back plate in, screw it in place, and get stuck on the tempered glass panel and dome. . So I went back to the app. In the electric mode, I did not select the WiFi switch, but chose another one. You can turn the lights on and off from the app, and it works well. Soothing blue on/off zone and WiFi. When installing, make sure that the WiFi signal is at the top. Stylish and modern slim and wonderful gadget. Glad we bought it. If you just want to use it as a light switch, you can do so without setting up WiFi.

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